About us


My Story

It was a typical Wednesday night; after dinner we put the kids to bed, cleaned the dishes, and to end the night we decided to watch TV before bed. After arguing over what to watch, which my husband ended up winning, I decided to surf the web on my phone. The rest of the story is from my husband’s memory..
He said, I started to ask what was wrong with my phone. That it was going dark. He turned his attention to me and said my hands proceeded to shake uncontrollably. Which then turned into what he called, a violent, full blown, seizure.
He immediately called 911, while trying to make sure I did not fall off the bed, or hit my head on the furniture. All while speaking with the 911 operator. It felt like 20 minutes to him, but they were there within 4 minutes. Later, he even cracked a joke, that the Miami Beach Firefighter’s annual calendar walked through our front door to my rescue. The next 4 days were spent recuperating in the hospital; under observation, and test after test, to determine the cause of the “violent seizure” that I don’t remember but has scarred my husband for life.
Once I was released from the hospital, they determined that the immediate, rather than weaning off of an prescription migraine medication was the cause of my seizure. It was at that moment that I was determined to never allow the pharmaceutical companies to poison mine and my families bodies ever again.
I then, spent the next two years on my journey of Hemp. I traveled all around the world, to states where testing has been proven effective like Colorado and California. I even traveled to Europe and Latin America. My pursuits led me to find the miracle of Hemp. I am currently 2-3 years pharmaceutical free. No seizures, minimal headaches, my anxiety is on the low, and it is all thanks to Hemp.

My Mission.


My mission is not solely for profit. I strongly believe in this miracle plant, and IT DOES help people, and I say this from experience. With that in mind, a percentage of my profits will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, in honor of my mother in law.


Our Purpose

Inspiring Hope & Restoring Happiness

Our mission is to help the World better understand the TRUE benefits that Mother Nature’s perfect plant provides to humans and pets.

Natural Healing

We are committed to expose natural and organic options to people suffering from pain.

Hemp Medical Benefits

Our goal is to be one of the World’s leading providers of clean organic hemp products and make the world a better place through the power of the hemp.

Special Gratitute.


Thanks to The Route Options, our IT and development team, for being part of this creation.